Ramos: Madrid in bad refereeing run

Sergio Ramos feels Real Madrid are suffering from a run of bad refereeing but wanted to offer no excuses for losing to Wolfsburg.

Los Blancos lost the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final against the Bundesliga side 2-0, only days after winning at Barcelona in the Clasico, with Ramos speaking to reporters post-match.

“The movie would have changed had Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal been given or the penalty on Gareth Bale been called,” the Madrid captain argued, AS reports.

“But I’m not going to make excuses. We have to turn the page. This is the result and the reality. Obviously we didn’t do things well.

“We have to turn the page and believe in the comeback. It’s very possible [at Santiago Bernabeu].

“I didn’t see a bad 45 from the team. We dominated the match at the beginning. They came out with respect and dropped deeper.

“Immediately after [Ricardo Rodriguez scored a penalty] everything changed because the game was difficult because we knew they were a difficult team even though people said otherwise.

“We have to take the positives from the negatives. From the problems come opportunities.

“In the end football is small details. We can’t regret that. Referees sometimes give to you and other times take away.

“We’re not having a good run with the referees but making negative comments about them doesn’t fix anything.

“It’s difficult when you get a negative result. We tried to create chances and goals. We were losing 2-0 and we had to be careful they didn’t extend the lead. We’ve had a bad game. We can’t have any more.

“[Zinedine Zidane said you lacked intensity?] Zidane knows us well and knows what we each have to give. We’ll learn from the negative and Zidane’s attention is good.

“We weren’t so good on Saturday [against Barca] and today were not so bad. The impact of [the second leg on] Tuesday will affect the season a lot, but we still have hope in the League.

“Clasicos always cost a lot but fatigue isn’t an excuse because if we had won today we wouldn’t be talking about that.

“Not everyone can endure when the Bernabeu roars. Hopefully we, the players, are equal to it.”

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