La Real clarify tax after Panama papers

Real Sociedad insist their tax arrangements are correct and proper after the club’s name came up in the Panama papers leak.

La Real released a statement explaining that as of 2009 their situation is above board after it was claimed they used offshore accounts to pay players.

The statement confirms an investigation was conducted in 2008-09 by local authorities into their fiscal affairs and, as a result, the club has since then complied with their obligations.

La Real say they have also met the payments due that resulted from the investigation and say they are willing to co-operate further with the tax authorities if need be.

The club says it is with regret they see their name arise in the scandal and the issues from their offshore links were resolved in 2009.

Lionel Messi and family were also implicated and released a statement denying any wrong-doing.

The Panama papers are a number of documents detailing offshore accounts of number individuals and groups that have been released in the Press.

Other reports say players such as Darko Kovacevic, pictured above, were among those paid via an offshore account.