Cerezo: Complaining doesn’t help

Atletico Madrid President Enrique Cerezo shares his colleagues’ anger after the Barcelona defeat but ‘complaining doesn’t help.’

The capital club were outraged Fernando Torres was sent off in the first half of the Champions League quarter-final but Luis Suarez stayed on to cancel out Torres’ goal and put the Catalans in front.

“Yes, I’m angry, but complaining doesn’t help us. We have to think we are a goal from the Champions League semi-finals,” Marca quotes Cerezo as saying.

“The red card was a shame because it forces you to change your whole approach to the game. I hope next week Vicente Calderon is a pressure cooker.

“I think we could have won the match but with everything that has happened, we’ve come out alive.

“After the red card the referee had the game in his hands. Torres’ second yellow was exaggerated.”

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