Jordi Cruyff: Johan an inspiration

Jordi Cruyff has thanked the football world for the outpouring of emotion following the death of this father, former Barcelona player and Coach Johan Cruyff.

Johan passed away last week after suffering from cancer and his loss was marked across football, but particularly by the Netherlands, Ajax and Barcelona.

“My father wanted everything to be private but we understand Johan isn’t only ours but everyone’s, so we opened up the opportunity for acts such as today,” Jordi said, AS reports, at a tribute held by Barcelona to his father.

“We knew there were many people who loved Johan, principally football fans, children from his schools or members of his foundation.”

Jordi went on to thank the doctors and medical personnel who worked with and cared for his father during his illness, and the Press for respecting Johan’s privacy and subsequently the privacy of the family.

“The events around the world have been incredible. He was an inspiration to many people, not only in the world of football,” Jordi continued, having thanked Barca for their commemoration, endorsed by the Cruyff family, and announced a partnership between the club and the Cruyff Foundation.

“If he could be here he would be super proud. He can’t see it but his family sees it. We are very emotional and impressed.

“Barca, Ajax and the Netherlands were his great loves and they are showing their affection. We know our father was difficult with the directors, but his love for the institutions and the workers can’t be removed.

“He was always affectionate and close to all the employees in these institutions, from the kit man to the goalkeeping coach.”

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