Vela: I didn’t kill anyone…

Carlos Vela accepts he was wrong to miss Real Sociedad training but wants to move on. ‘I didn’t kill anyone…’

Vela skipped out on a session and was pictured at a concert in Madrid, with La Real first banishing him from the first team as punishment but later relenting after a request from the rest of the players, Vela landing only a heavy fine.

“From the start I knew I’d done wrong. I screwed up and I took what was coming,” he said, AS reports.

“Most people have missed a day’s work. It’s not like I killed someone. I’ve been here five years. I’ll always stand up. I’m very sincere and very clear.

“My teammates are like family. I have a lot of love for them and they’ve shown a lot of love for me. I’m very happy to know they’re always there for me.

“The fans have shown their displeasure with me. I respect that and accept it. I’ve apologised to the club and my teammates and I think this issue should be over.

“It was a mistake, I’ll learn from it and won’t do it again. I take my punishment for being unprofessional.

“I want to finish the season well. I have a contract with La Real and want to help the team out of this bad run we’re on. I’m not thinking about MLS.

“Rumours don’t affect me. Everyone in football talks. I’m the first to acknowledge I’m not having a good season. I’m going to demand better personally.”

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