Pique: Periscope is the future

Gerard Pique has explained how he came across the Periscope app and the Barcelona defender predicts it’ll become common in football in a year’s time.

Pique’s use of the app – that allows live streaming from a phone or tablet device – has raised eyebrows in Spain as the centre-back has used it to go behind the scenes at Barca and Spain, but he insists it’s a tool to use to communicate with fans similar to Twitter.

“I was watching a programme on Spanish television with Iker Casillas. I remember they were talking and I wanted to participate,” he revealed, AS reports via Twitter account Siente La Roja.

“I wanted to send something or ask questions, but as it wasn’t live, obviously I couldn’t. Then I thought if there was a way people could interact with me after the game and could ask me questions.

“I searched and found Periscope and tried it. The first day went very well. The second, even better. And from there we’ve taken on a channel that I believe isn’t the future, but the present.

“I’m convinced that in less than a year many of my colleagues will use it and it will be a tool to be used as social networks are now.”

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