Paco: Ref mustn’t be weird

Paco Jemez says he hopes the referee for Rayo Vallecano’s trip to Granada on Saturday “shows he is worthy of officiating in La Liga”.

Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez will be entrusted with overseeing proceedings at Los Carmenes, in what promises to be a relegation six-pointer between Granada and Rayo, and Paco was keen for the spotlight to only shine on the two teams – not the referee.

“We’re fearless. Neither do we conceive it, understand it or feel it,” the Coach said at a Press conference.

“The players have to ensure that word [fear] doesn’t appear in their mindset because that’s what will send us to La Segunda.

“With fear, our opponents are better. Without fear, we can beat anyone.

“As important as running, playing well or and being competitive is mental state.

“You have to go out with one idea – winning, not drawing. This is a game to prove we’re a Primera team.

“It’s true that there’s a lot of pressure on us, but we have to take to the pitch to play, enjoy ourselves and do what we know best.

“The Granada fans are with their team against the opponents, and they’ll try to influence anything the referee does against us.

“I hope the referee is sufficiently professional, good and shows he’s worthy of officiating in La Liga at a place where the fans are very loud.

“I hope everything goes normally and that the team who wins are simply better than the other, not because of a weird situation.”

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