‘Real Madrid elections were flawed…’

An unnamed Real Madrid member has alleged corruption in the club’s recent Presidential elections.

AS has interviewed the individual, who explained why he wants to remain anonymous, and who claimed he went to Santiago Bernabeu and was told who to vote for by someone supporting Florentino Perez.

“I know people who have experienced situations in the stadium, people who have demonstrated against Florentino and been pursued, had their season ticket taken away,” he said.

“I have no physical fear, but I want to go to football with my son. Lately the socios have been insulted. Whoever doesn’t pay homage is labelled as violent.”

The anonymous member then detailed how the election was tipped in favour of Perez by his backers, but also alleged ex-President Ramon Calderon’s side was up to similar tricks.

“The choice of electors is flawed. I’m surprised people don’t know. There are some who act normally, but those who move in [Florentino’s] circle, as I did, they know what happens,” he began.

“They ask you to be a ‘compromisario [a convention delegate].’ ‘Hey, give us your membership card and your ID…’ I was delighted.

“It was an honour, then I realised I would start to look bad. It was between 2008 and 2012.

“It was under Calderon, and that’s why it happened. It was a grim time. ‘Hey, you need to help change this…we must take control…’

“I was asked to send by mail my ID and my registration. They said we had to help take the election, to get rid of these ‘scoundrels.’ I just sent it in the post and they did the rest.

“[The day of the election] I arrived at Santiago Bernabeu and called the number I was given. I was told where to go, given a list, the man said ‘We have to vote this way…’

“I remember the [overturned elections of 2006], the group of which I was part supported [Juan] Villar Mir, who was the candidate of Perez.

“They went on to say Villar Mir had more absentee ballots than votes in person, and they collaborated. Votes were obtained, but not falsified, of course.

“My impression is it was common, on one hand and on the other. I guess the Calderon side was doing the same. It was total war.

“It doesn’t seem like there’s much interest in me now. Maybe I wasn’t very forceful in the voting. What happened in 2008 was repeated. I voted, but they didn’t vote for me…”

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