Del Bosque: Madrid return impossible

Vicente Del Bosque has dismissed any suggestion he could return as Real Madrid Coach. ‘I’m reaching the final kilometre…’

Del Bosque appeared in an online chat and was asked about one day training Los Blancos again, having had a successful spell on the bench already, and a number of caretaker stints.

“In my present circumstances it’s impossible, because I’m reaching the final kilometre as a Coach,” he said, AS reports.

“That shouldn’t be understood as an insult to the club.”

Del Bosque was also asked about managing a locker room, and what it means to the players to turn out for Spain.

“We know the uniqueness of a locker room with 23 players, where only 11 can play and there can be a problem,” he admitted.

“You can’t quantify the feeling of patriotism [of playing for Spain]. But we can say that everyone who comes to the national team doesn’t hesitate in support of the Spanish shield.

“I get nervous on the bench. I try to be thoughtful because an upset Coach doesn’t make the right decisions.

“When I retired as a player I never thought I’d be a senior Coach. I thought I’d be a youth coach but in 1999 I took over the Madrid first team changed my thoughts.

“I’ve been very lucky, both with the Spain team and Madrid, to have extraordinary players.”

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