Wenger: Barca 90% favourites

Arsene Wenger gave Arsenal only a 10% chance of qualifying against Barcelona in their Champions League Round of 16 fixture.

The Gunners lost 2-0 at home to La Blaugrana in the first leg and Wenger told a pre-match Press conference that nine times out of 10, Barca would seal progression.

“Barca are in a very strong position and are 90% favourites but until then we try to make the most of our opportunities,” he said, AS reports.

“We were unlucky in the first leg, they scored on the counter-attack and a penalty and we don’t have to make too many calculations, we have to score two or three.

“In that sense the attitude is clear. We know we have to assume the risk of trying to score goals.

“I think the key for us will be a very strong defence but we know we have to attack. The good thing about this situation is we’re clear, we have to attack.

“The magical players of Barca will force us to. We need a good effort in defence.”

Wenger also commented on two players, Barca captain Andres Iniesta and Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin, who was spirited away from La Masia.

“Bellerin comes from Barca. That’s special and he came to us very young,” he said of the right-back.

“He has a good mentality and Spanish players have a lot of credit. They’re highly-valued, respecting the principles of the game. I don’t know how it is transmitted in Spain but he transmits it well.

“Iniesta? He’s one of the best players Barca have and he was in La Masia with Mikel Arteta.

“Arteta says that already then everyone there said that if Iniesta isn’t successful, we have no chance.”

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