‘Ramos plays to the limit’

The joint-record holder for La Liga red cards, Pablo Alfaro, believes Sergio Ramos ‘plays to the limit’ and that’s why he’s regularly dismissed.

Alfaro was sent off 18 times in his Primera career, three more than Real Madrid captain Ramos, who received his 15th red against Las Palmas last weekend.

“Centre-backs see more cards. You tend to deal with the most talented opponents,” Alfaro explained to AS.

“He also plays the most games. In addition, the laws evolve to protect the most talented. Football has gained showmanship and lost in hardness. Think of those old centre-backs and their fame and their cards.

“Ramos is at the limit and he’s the best. With Carles Puyol he is one of the two best defenders in Spain’s history. He goes to the limit because he’s brave, quick and confident.

“When you’re on the motorway, sometimes you go past the speed limit and you’re caught on the radar. If you evaluate the positive and the negative, the positive wins overwhelmingly.

“He’s a passionate guy, who is strong and who wants to be respected. That’s one of his virtues. He’s at a big club, where the yardstick isn’t the same.”

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