Enrique: Barca, look at Bayern!

Luis Enrique has warned his Barcelona players to avoid complacency against Getafe in La Liga on Saturday. “There’s the German case with Bayern…”

Barca lead Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid by eight and 12 points respectively at the top of the table with only 10 games left, but the Coach was keen to point out Bayern’s recent dip in results, the Bavarians’ advantage on Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga cut to just five points after a defeat and draw.

“It’s true that Getafe are in a difficult situation,” he said at a Press conference.

“We’re in the last 10 games and the final stretch of the season. [Getafe] are another test for us.

“The game will require good ball skills and positioning from us.

“Every year, we’ve finished seasons better than how we started them.

“It’s not only for our physical preparation and thanks to Rafel Pol, who is ahead of his time, but also other factors.

“We’re stimulated by what lies ahead, and I have a feeling that we’ll achieve the same or better than last year.

“[Neymar] is a player who takes on a heavy load of minutes, and I’m in charge of giving him rest.

“[On Periscope], I think it’s wonderful that there’s a direct connection between the fans and players. You get to feel the atmosphere [on Periscope].

“Our closest rivals are Atletico, who are second, and then [Real] Madrid is third. Now is when it becomes more difficult to pick up points.

“We have a good lead, but the prospect [our rivals] pick up two wins and we drop points in that time will penalise us a lot. There’s the German case with Bayern [Munich].

“Counterattacks are one of the things this team have improved most on. We’re formidable on the break, so why shouldn’t we take advantage?

“[On Denis Suarez returning], I won’t comment on the future.

“I’m very happy that [Barca, Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell] are no longer charged. It’s a relief.

“[On Rafael Nadal doping allegations], I don’t have enough information, but I think there’s more chance of me doping than Rafa. I think he’s exemplary, barring one flaw – the team he supports [Madrid].

“For now, the only thing which worries me is if I eat meat or fish.

“[On the treble], we’re only focused on Getafe, although what’s ahead looks good.

“Now we have to confirm [that it looks good] in the form of titles, but we are where we wanted to be [at the start of the season].”

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