Arbeloa slams ‘disrespectful’ Pique

Real Madrid defender Alvaro Arbeloa has slammed Gerard Pique for “disrespecting” his family and warned against revealing his dislike for the Barcelona man.

Arbeloa stoked the war of words at the tail end of last year, when he claimed Pique would be involved in the comedy circuit once he retired from football, before the Catalan stopper hit back by branding the full-back a “cono … cido” – a play-on-words with ‘acquaintance’ and a derogatory term.

“I could explain to the world why I’m no friend of Pique’s, but maybe he wouldn’t be in a very good way,” the Madrid player told

“It’s also true that I know his family, and the respect I have for his family, he doesn’t have for mine.

“Our families are so important. We hear many stupid things about us [as players] and shake them off more or less, but those who are close to us suffer for them.

“With that in mind, I chose not to answer, but if he had attacked Real Madrid again, I would’ve done so because I’ll always defend this club.

“If he attacked me [personally], it's different. It’s my way of being. Not answering to him is better than saying some of things I could.”

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