Caparros ‘showed adult film to players’

Reported Spain candidate Joaquin Caparros is said to have shown a pornographic film to his players as a motivational tool while in charge of Mallorca.

Anderson Conceicao, a former Mallorca loanee who played under Caparros in the 2012-13 season, told ESPN Brasil of how the Coach resorted to the most unorthodox of measures during a pre-match teamtalk against Athletic Bilbao as he craved “tension” in the side’s play.

“In one pre-match teamtalk, Joaquin Caparros began to show us a video,” he said.

“To our surprise, the images we saw were those of a porn movie!

“Our faces spoke a thousand words because we didn’t understand at all what we were seeing.

“I guess it was some American movie… the images didn’t last more than 30 seconds, but it was something unforgettable.

“The Coach used the video to try halting a cold streak that he felt existed in the team. The objective was to provoke a response at once.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t reverse the situation that day. The result was 0-1, he was dismissed and we were relegated. It seemed that those images didn’t wake us up!

“[Pedro] Geromel was my teammate [at Mallorca], and every time we speak, we remember that story.

“It’s impossible for us not to end it with laughter. [Caparros] was a very funny Coach.

“He wanted to brighten us up and lift our spirits by showing us that film, but we didn’t grasp his idea.

“He said, ‘your tension in the game has to be the same as that actor’, and pointed out the images.

“I liked his way of seeing football. He was a very restless person and always had good vibes with the players.”

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