Abelardo: Ban me for 50 games!

Abelardo Fernandez furiously declared “they can ban me for 50 games if they want” after Sporting Gijon were “robbed” in Thursday’s 2-0 defeat to Granada.

Abelardo was referring to the decision to award Granada a late penalty for Omar Mascarell’s tackle on David Barral, despite the striker appearing to foul the Real Madrid loanee on the follow-through, and deny Antonio Sanabria of the opening goal, although the striker seemed onside.

“They can ban me for 50 games if they want,” the Coach said after the game.

“[The game] was a scandal and a disgrace. Some of the lads are 18 and they’re crying in the dressing room. They’re distraught, and I feel robbed.

“This club have 111 years of history, we’re the team of the ‘guajes’. We haven’t been able to sign anyone for two seasons.

“I’m fuming and I feel like a mess. These ‘guajes’ didn’t receive the treatment they deserved.

“We’re the Real Sporting Gijon and we deserve more respect.

“Despite these tears of injustice, we’ll stay up. We need El Molinon to erupt on Sunday.”

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