‘Messi’s left peg over Ronaldo’s right’

Barcelona forward Neymar has admitted that he “prefers Lionel Messi’s left foot to Cristiano Ronaldo’s right” in a friendly jibe at Real Madrid.

Neymar finished behind Messi and Ronaldo on the 2015 FIFA Ballon d’Or podium in January but is a teammate of the Argentine and understandably sided with him when quizzed on whom he rated higher, although he found the comparison with legendary countryman Pele more difficult.

“I prefer Messi’s left foot to Ronaldo’s right as, while it’s not broken, my right isn’t too bad!” he told UOL.

“[On comparing Messi to Pele], I never saw Pele play.

“What I know about him is from my grandfather, who spoke to me and explained to me how he played.

“This is a difficult question for me because I’ve seen Messi play and had the opportunity to play with him. Either way, Messi and Pele are both geniuses.

“[On whom he preferred between Real Madrid and Manchester City], I’d rather beat Real Madrid before Manchester City.

“Disputing a [Copa] Libertadores is sensational, but the Champions League …

“The first time I heard the anthem on the pitch, I felt a special thrill.

“It was like a video game and the realisation of a childhood dream. Therefore I choose the Champions League.”

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