Godin: Atleti deserve respect

Diego Godin believes Atletico Madrid deserve more respect after Guti claimed none of their players were good enough for Real Madrid’s starting XI.

Guti attempted to draw Atleti’s ire prior to Saturday’s capital derby at the Santiago Bernabeu, but with his side having defeated their arch-rivals 1-0, Godin felt the former Madrid man would be best served to show more “respect and humility”.

“As a child, I was taught to be respectful, humble and especially not arrogant,” the defender said after the game.

“Anyone can take this advice, but I’d like everyone to respect the Atletico players in the same way we respect Guti and the Real Madrid players.

“We’re very happy about the win. It’s a joy for what the points mean in the table, but especially for what it means emotionally for the fans, that their side have beaten Real Madrid.

“The mentality of this group is a winning and positive one, and we continue to believe in our work, which is what brings us closer to victory.

“I think the team worked very well tactically. They made a tremendous effort.

“We found the goal through Antoine [Griezmann] and maintained the defensive solidity that we’ve had.

“[The goal] is the fruit of the work he does for the team all over the pitch.

“Since Cholo [Simeone’s] arrival, there’s been a change in mentality, not just from the players but also the fans.

“We now work with a positive and winning mentality. Even when things aren’t going well, we know what we’re doing.

“Belief like ours breeds security and tranquillity, both of which allow you to get results.”

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