Godin: Cholo makes us believe

Diego Godin pointed to the influence of Diego Simeone on Atletico Madrid’s attitude in games such as the Madrid derby.

Atletico go to Real Madrid on Saturday and the centre-back explained that with more than points riding on the fixture, they had their Coach getting them ready.

“I don’t like to give predictions for these matches but we are eager and confident and we’ve a lot at stake,” Marca quotes Godin as saying.

“Beyond the derby and the extras, there are three points and we want to win them to stay second in La Liga. We’ll give everything to win.

“Cholo is the stone on which this project is built. He’s the one who has assembled this group of players, who has led the players and fans to believe in what can be, not only in words but in deeds.

“He has created this bubble, so the fans always believe in the team, so the leaders at the top always give an extra effort to have a competitive group.

“We go to the death with it, we give the maximum and we believe in maintaining objectives and in fact, we’re doing so year after year.”

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