Sporting, Doyen deal revealed?

The Football Leaks website has published details of an alleged loan between Doyen Sports and Sporting Gjion.

AS reports Doyen loaned Sporting €2m in 2011 in return for €10m of player sales, €7m of which was to come from transfers taking Roberto Canella, Sergio Alvarez and David Barral, among others, away from El Molinon.

Doyen were due to receive 50% of sales up to the point they were paid €5m, 40% once the payment reached €6m and 30% thereafter.

Once Sporting had paid Doyen €7m, the final €3m was to come from sales of any players on Sporting’s books, Doyen getting 20% of the players’ economic rights.

Sporting had to pay €7m to Doyen by the end of January 2015 or the agreement would be altered to give Doyen 50% of all player sales including new signings until the bill was settled.

The club also had an obligation to sell named players if they received an offer that met a stipulated amount, and if they didn’t sell, they had to pay Doyen the same amount.

If Sporting renewed a contract with a player and Doyen judged the renewal was harmful to them, they could demand payment of the stipulated fee for that player.

Doyen would also have been paid the wages of any player loaned out by Sporting, if the loaning club took on the player’s wages.

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