Gonzalez ‘understands sceptics’

New Granada Coach Jose Gonzales understands why fans are sceptical of his appointment but ‘I’m convinced I can convince with results…’

Gonzalez replaced Jose Ramon Sandoval on the bench earlier this week with Granada bottom of the table, and the new man insists staying up is the only aim the club can have.

“A team that wants to stay up can’t afford a lot of objectives. That’s the main goal we have and it’s what our work is aiming for from day one,” he said, AS reports.

“It’s logical there’s distrust. I wasn’t with the club and for me it’s an unexpected situation. Those who are sceptical, I understand, but I’m convinced I can convince them with results.

“I believe in the squad. I think there are good players and they are the ones who win games. Coaches contribute, that’s true, but it’s players who have the say.

“I’ll try to get the best results but not only thinking of our goal, but the opposition’s goal. We can’t make Granada a defensive team because I like people who treat the ball well and play good football.

“The team has many virtues. They’ve done good work and sometimes luck is a decisive factor. I want a united team, 11 to attack and 11 to defend.”

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