Zidane: Sometimes keep quiet

Zinedine Zidane has revealed his methods for dealing with his Real Madrid squad. ‘I think I know what players need…’

Zidane has been interviewed for the new edition of GQ, with AS picking up part of the trainer’s comments.

“As a Coach I think I know what the players need, the moments in which I’m required to be there,” he said.

“The simple fact of being on the side might be enough, and it’s not necessary to say too many words about certain problems. That is something I can do well.

“I know what I want. It’s hard but I can do it.”

Zidane admitted as well that he could have kept playing, instead of retiring in 2006, but preferred to leave on his own terms – and mentioned his aching body as well.

“I could have stayed for a few more years. I knew I’d miss the adrenaline of the big games,” the 1998 World Cup winner acknowledged.

“I made the decision. That’s not as hard as when someone says ‘sir, the time has come…’

“My body isn’t what it was. I suffer a bit more than is usual. When I play in a match, even a friendly, I hurt all over and I can hardly recover.

“But I have no problems with age. I have never had a complex about my hair and I know myself very well.”

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