Ronaldo ‘feels young and strong’

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo insists he remains ‘motivated by competition’ and feels ‘young and strong.’

Ronaldo was speaking to Portuguese clothing line Sacoor Brothers and was asked how he still pushes himself after playing at the highest level through much of his career.

“Competition. I enjoy what I do and I do what I enjoy the most, which is play football. And I feel good, young and strong, so I want to continue,” he said, AS reports.

“I don’t set goals as a player. Only my mind and my body can tell me. I want to enjoy and win more on a collective and individual level.

“If everyone had the chance to do what they love, the world would be better. But they can’t…

“Retirement? In a way that’s what gives me the motivation to keep working harder and being better in football. The longer you’re at the highest level the better the future because it provides more contacts, more everything.

“That’s my big motivation because I know when I finish playing I will have any number of things to do.

“Acting? Why not? It’s not my goal at the moment but I’ve had some invitations and my agenda for training, matches and competitions makes it complicated. But I’m not closing the door because it’s something I like.”

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