Luis Enrique insists Barcelona’s goal at Arsenal is simply to win and nothing else, but admits it could be a great game.

The sides meet in the Champions League Round of 16 first leg and Lucho spoke to the Press beforehand, discussing Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar and then the match itself.

“Will Arsenal drop deep or go for Barca? That’s the question we always ask. I think they’ll be deeper, but will also push high. I hope we have the ball in the attacking half,” he acknowledged, AS reports.

“The goal is always to win the game, there’s no other. From there, everything that isn’t to win the game moves us away from our options. They have a dangerous attack and powerful block.

“Favourites? That doesn’t matter to me, it’s fantastic everyone can have an opinion. We assume that label but it doesn’t give you anything, you have to show it in every game.

“You have to do things well with the ball and also without the ball.

“Arsenal have the potential to dominate games. With the style of the two teams it could be one of the most attractive games. I think we’ll see a great game.”

The chance to experience a Premier League team was something Enrique admitted he is looking forward to, before touching on issues from the title race and Marc Bartra to the Copa del Rey Final.

“My work is what motivates me. It’s nice to come here and play and train,” he said of England.

“I’ve gone onto the pitch. The atmosphere is wonderful. It’s to enjoy, the players realise it.

“Real Madrid? I prefer to talk about the Champions League. There’ll be time to talk about La Liga. How did I sleep knowing they’re nine points behind? Same as always, with my wife.

“If I was Bartra I’d think how I could improve. I’m not Bartra though I’d like to be. But I’m the Coach and he’s 25.

“Francesco Totti? I can’t comment on a situation I’m not part of. I haven’t been involved.

“Vicente Calderon hosting the Copa Final? Does it have goal posts and stands for the fans? Yes? Perfect.”

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