Enrique: MSN magic? Abracadabra!

Barcelona Coach Luis Enrique claims he just has to say ‘abracadabra’ and Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar work their ‘magic.’

Enrique appeared before the Press ahead of La Blaugrana’s Champions League tie at Arsenal and was asked how it works in the locker room with the team’s in-form front three.

“I say ‘abracadabra’ and out comes the magic, the energy flows. I don’t know, I’ve always had good forwards and now Barca have the best in the world,” he replied, AS reports.

“They have freedom, they know they have obligations because we depend on them to start the pressing but we also want to give them the best ball.

“We all have the same goal. It’s really easy.”

Asked specifically about Messi, Enrique revealed his belief that the Argentine is in better form now than 12 months ago.

“Last season was spectacular and this season is the same, or higher,” the Coach suggested.

“Some players reinvent themselves. Leo might be our best midfielder. He has a spectacular record as a No 9. He’s a vital player and he’s our leader.

“The trident is fantastic, not just them but everyone. I have a squad with players at a unique level that renews their desire for victory every day.”

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