Bartomeu: Barca won’t sell stars

Josep Maria Bartomeu insists Barcelona will not sell any of their stars in the summer and look to negotiate extensions for those with expiring contracts.

The Daily Mail reported on Sunday that Lionel Messi, Neymar and Sergio Busquets could be targets for Manchester United and Manchester City, the latter of whom will be managed by Pep Guardiola next season, due to their current deals expiring within the next three years.

However, the President told the newspaper: “We know Messi could earn more money in other teams, or Neymar, Busquets, Gerard Pique or Luis Suarez.

“Neymar, for example, when he came to Barcelona, had better offers from other teams. Suarez also had better offers.

“But they decided to come to Barcelona because I think this club attracts players, because we are more than a club.

“We are confident because we know our players are very happy in our club, in our city. They enjoy sport, their profession, and they are in a group.

“So we are very confident those players are not moving, taking decisions because of money.

“Messi said a few days ago, ‘Barcelona will be the only European club that I play for’.

“So if someone is interested in Messi, forget it. He said this. I didn’t say it. He said this.

“All of our players are in a moment where we renew their contracts, we extend their contracts.

“Right now I don’t see that any of our players have to leave next summer. I cannot tell you if we have done it or not done it.

“But as a member of the board we are responsible people. We know what is best for our club. When something is done, we will announce it.”

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