‘Investigate Bale like Messi or Neymar’

The Spanish MEP involved in calling for an investigation into alleged state aid in Gareth Bale’s Real Madrid move has explained his reasoning.

Ramon Tremosa, a Catalan politician, along with Britain’s Daniel Dalton and Flemish representative Sander Loones, asked in the European Parliament if the involvement of Bankia in Madrid’s signing of Bale constituted state aid, as Bankia was rescued by the Spanish government.

“I want to point out the initiative wasn’t mine, I only joined because I was invited to join. Without me it wouldn’t have been handled well,” Tremosa explained to AS, before denying his pro-Catalan independence and support for Barcelona was a factor.

“The questions have been asked because we want the facts to be clear. We’re not accusing anyone, but the information was reported by the Daily Telegraph and needs to be clear.

“The only thing in question is the desire to know if Madrid received money for the transfer from banks that have public support.

“I ask that the matter be investigated with the same due diligence, the same professional zeal, with which [Finance Minister Cristobal Montoro] has investigated Lionel Messi and Neymar.

“I don’t dislike that the Treasury has demanded Barca players comply with their obligations, but I would also like it cleared up the origin of the money with which Madrid signed Bale.”

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