RFEF ‘will ask for Spain ban’

The Spanish Football Federation is reportedly ready to ask Spain be banned from Euro 2016 if action is taken against Angel Maria Villar.

Villar is the subject of an investigation for alleged improper payments to Recreativo Huelva and Marin and if found to have acted wrongly, would be banned from the Presidency.

Marca reports though that two Vice-Presidents of the RFEF have signed a letter to FIFA accusing the Spanish government of interfering in the business of the association, a crime that has seen national teams banned from international competition.

If the Sports Administrative Tribunal [TAD] brings a case against Villar then the letter will be sent, with Vice-President Juan Padron among the signatures.

Marca does add though that possibility of Spain being barred from competing at Euro 2016 is ‘remote’ and that the RFEF has thus far offered no explanation of the payments made to the clubs.

Villar is said to be ‘preparing’ for disqualification and the Federation will complain at the government’s ‘intention to disqualify the President of the RFEF so he can’t stand for election.’

The letter will also reportedly say the situation is ‘extremely serious, restricting the self-government of the RFEF’ and ask for the ‘immediate intervention of FIFA in defending the rights of the RFEF.’

Marca points out that not only have the RFEF been unable to explain the payments to the clubs, but the Federation attempted to obstruct the Sports Council’s [CSD] investigation by refusing to send requested documents, to the point CSD officials had to retrieve them in person.

There is also a provision in Spanish law that says Presidents of sporting federations have to account for the use of private funds and grants, especially in cases of alleged irregular activity.

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