Barca ‘paying for hosting Copa Final’

Barcelona are unlikely to offer Camp Nou as the site of the Copa del Rey Final as they are ‘still paying for the last Final we held there.’

Camp Nou was the host venue for the 2015 Final between Athletic Bilbao and Barca and the club was punished when the supporters whistled the national anthem, a point raised by spokesman Josep Vives when asked if the club would host again this year.

“We don’t rule anything out, but we haven’t submitted our stadium as a candidate,” Marca quotes Vives as saying amid the debate over Santiago Bernabeu possibly hosting Barca and Sevilla.

“We’re still paying the consequences of the last Final we played here. It’s normal we have that in mind.”

Vives explained what Barca want from a host venue but refused to name Real Madrid’s home as the location the club has in mind.

“Barca will say as basic requirements the capacity as big as possible, that it’s comfortable for both teams and the pitch is in good condition,” he confirmed.

“These are conditions that not only favour Barca but both teams and the spectacle. Both Sevilla and Barca like to play football.

“There is no preference. There is a request for certain requirements, but that’s not to say we want to play in one stadium or another. They’re normal requirements for a big Final.

“The regulations say the clubs present their candidacy to host the Final. We won’t tell any club they have to do so, or not do so.

“We’re not in contact with Madrid. Nor have we been meeting at the Spanish Football Federation. I suppose once we do, we’ll know the options.”

A Bruce Springsteen concert at the Bernabeu on the same day, announced on Tuesday, has rendered the debate moot, however.