‘Lim isn’t Valencia’s problem’

Former Valencia President Amadeo Salvo has defended owner Peter Lim and said he understands the club needs to do better.

The Valencia fans are growing restless with Lim’s ownership, with unhappiness over some of the club’s transfer dealings and discontent with results on the pitch as Gary Neville struggles after replacing Nuno Santo.

“When sporting matters are as they are it’s because mistakes have been made and they know it,” Salvo said at a Press conference, AS reports.

“They’re convinced they have to improve. We’re unhappy because results aren’t good. But they know that and are going to improve.

“There’s already a new sporting director [Jesus Garcia Pitarch]. We’ll have a vote of confidence and [the owners] are the only ones who deserve it.

“I’m not disappointed [by Lim or agent Jorge Mendes]. Their ideas are different. Now Garcia Pitarch is there. But the owner has the right to be wrong. Mendes was a major contributor in purchasing the club and after that the relationship changed. But it hasn’t been bad. We’ve been honest.

“[Lim and I] haven’t talked about Neville. He’s part of the team and we need to be united.

“I think things will change starting on Saturday. We have to be aware that all this has to be a party and there has to be a final every weekend.

“When Valencia plays there’s no more important event in the city. Hopefully we end the year calmly and I hope for the Europa League, because we’re going to dream again.

“There’s no denying the relationship between Nuno and [former sporting directors] Rufete and Roberto Ayala wasn’t good. But Valencia is bigger than anyone.

“Lim didn’t kick me out of Valencia. But I have to be in charge, not half in charge. What would have happened to me if Rufete and Ayala left and I stayed?

“Neville is the Coach. He arrived and there was no structure. It would have been the same if it was someone else. He came to a place with no structure and even four weeks ago everyone believed in him. Let’s see if we win against Espanyol.

“Lim is a man of his word and he’s the solution, not the problem. He has the right to be wrong a thousand times.

“Do I feel responsible for selling to Lim? I only had one vote. If he hadn’t come, where would Valencia be? An outsider had to come to our rescue because no one here had the desire or ability to pay.”

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