‘All Atletico players are leaders’

Antoine Griezmann doesn’t believe he’s the only leader in the Atletico Madrid squad and doesn’t value La Liga over the Champions League.

Atletico are going well in both competitions, second to Barcelona domestically and through to the knockout rounds in Europe, where they next face PSV Eindhoven.

“The goal is all the competitions. The League is very important. We play it every weekend and it’s important to us,” Griezmann said at a promotional event, AS reports.

“We want to win every game and then in the end see where we are.

“We’re feeling good in the Champions League, confident, taking advantage of the free weeks we have. We’ve worked well and we’ll see how we are in the Netherlands. I’m confident in the work of Professor Ortega and so are all the players.

“Every player in the group is a leader, everyone contributes. That’s the strength of the team.”

Griezmann was asked if it would be a ‘failure’ if Atletico didn’t win a trophy this season, and said he just wants to see how the campaign transpires.

“We’ll see how it goes. We’re on track, we’re giving everything. If we improve on last year, we’ll be happy,” he continued.

“We have to be at our best and not think about if there’ll be trophies or not.”

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