Jorge Perez: Spain will play at Barca

Jorge Perez, candidate to be the next President of the Spanish Football Federation, wants the Spain team to play at Barcelona’s Camp Nou.

Perez was interviewed by Al Primer Toque about his attempt to topple Angel Maria Villar, the long-serving head of the RFEF, and listed a litany of complaints about the incumbent.

“He’s threatened to stop the Spain team defending their European Championship to hold on to his job,” Marca quotes Perez as saying regarding Villar’s complaint to FIFA over an investigation into his use of Federation funds, which could lead to the world governing body banning La Roja from competition due to government interference.

“Villar was for a long time the best RFEF President, but he isn’t any more. Everything has gone wrong in the last two years.

“He doesn’t want us talking to the Press. We’re forbidden. We’re turning our back on society. There’s absolutely no economic transparency. No one knows where the money goes.”

Perez claims to have the support of La Liga President Javier Tebas, and wants to see the two bodies work together rather than row as Tebas and Villar have done

“When I decided to stand I got in touch with Tebas and he told me he supported me,” Perez said.

“The League and the Federation need each other. I don’t understand why there are continuing problems.”

Perez concluded by vowing to return Spain to Camp Nou, the national team having avoided Barca’s home ground in recent internationals.

“If I am President the national team will play at Camp Nou,” he insisted.

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