CSD send officials to RFEF base

The Sports Council sent officials to Spanish Football Federation headquarters to retrieve documents after growing tired of Angel Maria Villar’s delays.

AS reports sports minister Miguel Cardenal has lost patience with Villar, who has missed two deadlines to provide information relating to a payment made to Recreativo Huelva that was allegedly improper.

The deputy director of professional sports and financial control and the head of inspection audits were dispatched to the RFEF’s base to take the relevant paperwork, AS add.

A statement to the media citing ‘the RFEF’s lack of response to the CSD’s repeated requests’ as the reason Cardenal felt the need to send officials to the Federation.

The Sports Act Article 43a gives the CSD the right to inspect the books of Spain’s sporting federations and official and regulatory documents, AS notes.

Should Villar be found to have acted improperly he will be prevented from standing for re-election as President in April.

It’s alleged that he funnelled money through the Federation’s Coaches Committee to allow Recreativo to pay off a €200,000 debt to former Coach Jose Luis Oltra, which in turn meant they were able to register players for 2014-15.

Sport adds that not only could Villar’s alleged actions be improper in the sporting context but they may also be criminal, as Recre have a debt of €11m and clubs are forbidden to prioritise a sporting debt over debts to the treasury.

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