‘CSD not concerned by FIFA threats’

Sports Minister Miguel Cardenal reveals FIFA threats to ban Spain from Euro 2016 but insists they’ll be ignored.

Villar’s alleged payment to Recreativo Huelva is being looked into with the Sports Council [CSD] leading the way, and Cardenal says the body will stand up to FIFA if they threaten to ban Spain from international competition by deciding their involvement amounts to government interference in the Spanish Football Federation.

“They’ve threatened to exclude us and the government is subject to Spanish law,” AS quotes Cardenal as telling the Press.

“In May I received letters from FIFA threatening Spain wouldn’t go to Euro 2016. The government doesn’t yield to pressure and unjustified threats. In that hypothetical situation, the response would be the same.

“Will Villar be disqualified from the election? I have no judgement on that. We asked for documents following some very serious allegations in the media, and he has said he will make allegations.

“The CSD doesn’t open an investigation, that’s for the Sports Administrative Tribunal [TAD]. The documents we asked for are very simple. It’s been a long time and it seems reasonable that requirement would be met.

“We have to be impartial. The Federation has to comply with its own regulations and this is what is being questioned. If the reality is as has been reported, we have to listen to the explanations.

“We’ve told the Federation three times, we need to see the paperwork.

“The election? I don’t have a candidate. It’s not a candidate of Cardenal or [LFP President] Javier Tebas. I have no more interest in this than in other Federations. It’s a matter for football.”

Cardenal did though show support for Gianni Infantino in the FIFA Presidency election, citing his ‘extraordinary work’ with UEFA.

“The feeling widespread among European governments is he has done extraordinary work at UEFA. He has helped in challenges such as Financial Fair Play,” Cardenal continued.

“He’s worked very closely with the European Commission. We feel moving this model worldwide would be very positive and important.”

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