‘RFEF needs to change and renew’

Spanish Football Federation secretary general Jorge Perez confirms his challenge to President Angel Maria Villar. ‘The RFEF needs to change and renew.’

Perez spoke to El Laguero on Monday evening and discussed why he was standing against incumbent Villar and his marginalisation under the long-serving supremo.

“The model is exhausting and needs to change and renew, so I decided to stand myself,” he said, AS reports.

“I haven’t said it to Villar but two months ago I told him what I thought: things aren’t being done properly.

“I’m entitled to stand for election. Theoretically I’m chief of staff but there are a lot of decisions in which I don’t participate.

“Luis Gil has left the AFE [the players’ union] and he can be my right hand. I have high hopes for him. I have the support of seven or eight regions and hopefully more.”

Perez refused to say too much about the case involving Recreativo Huelva and Villar, who is accused of improperly diverting money to the club to ward off a debt to former Coach Jose Luis Oltra, and confirmed he wants Vicente Del Bosque to remain as Spain trainer past Euro 2016.

“I want Del Bosque to continue. I want him and I admire him. He’s difficult to replace,” Perez said of the World Cup winner, who has spoken of his desire to retire.

“But I want to ask him. And if we have to find a replacement, I want to continue his work and the work of Luis Aragones. They have brought us this far.

“I would like Del Bosque to stay but I’m not going to try and convince him. What I’d like is that he does a good job and leave as he deserves to leave.”

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