‘Transfer bans anachronistic, strange’

La Liga President Javier Tebas has described the transfer embargos given to Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid as ‘anachronistic and strange.’

The clubs have been barred from registering new players after the end of the current transfer window until summer 2017 for the improper registration of minors from abroad, but Tebas believes its FIFA who are at fault.

“First it’s anachronistic and strange that the three Spanish clubs [including Barcelona] can be punished for having children in their academies,” he argued, Marca reports.

“Anyone who knows their academies knows the children aren’t uprooted, nor are they without teaching. If these children, in excellent conditions, are the ones being punished, something is wrong.

“We’re against, of course, children going uncontrolled to clubs, but that isn’t the case. We’re talking about model clubs. The standard is not correct.

“I’m the father of one of those children and I’ll go [to FIFA] to denounce this situation. They’re taking a chance on the education of these children.

“What needs to be done is FIFA control the other countries where there are problems with children.”

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