Tebas defends third-party ownership

La Liga President Javier Tebas has travelled to Brussels to speak in defence of third-party ownership. ‘Without it, La Liga’s stars will go to the Premier League.’

Third-party ownership [TPO] has been banned by FIFA but Tebas is of the belief that it’s a crucial part of the business plan for many Spanish clubs, and compares it to another accepted practice.

“For us it’s as strategic as the centralised sale of media rights,” he said, Marca reports, prior to speaking before the European Parliament.

“Without the funds, in three years, La Liga’s stars will be in the Premier League. The ban only benefits the Premier League.

“There’s an obvious example from a few days ago, a club like Watford can take Nordin Amrabat from Malaga. This wouldn’t have happened if they could have had the help of a fund.

“It’s a problem of keeping the talent trained and acquiring new talent. Problems arise, of course, but you can’t simply prohibit, you have to regulate.

“And, not least, the prohibition comes from a FIFA Executive Committee of 22 members, half of which are in prison. The rest are in corruption trials. All but two are being investigated.

“Football generates 120,000 jobs. It has to be governed in a serious way because it’s an important industry. If TPO isn’t allowed, we can’t compete with other Leagues earning three times as much as us.

“In three years, the Premier League will be the NBA and we will be the CBA.”

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