Messi: MSN about the team

Lionel Messi believes the reason he, Neymar and Luis Suarez have been so successful is they’re focused on Barcelona, not themselves.

Messi received a record fifth Ballon d’Or on Monday and has been interviewed on FIFA’s official website, and was questioned about how he went from a year ago being linked with a move from Camp Nou to being re-crowned the world’s best player.

“Well, that’s football isn’t it? And anything can happen in football, and in a lot less than a year as well,” he noted.

“I stayed calm the whole time, though. I always said that I was fine and that I was happy where I was. I just kept on that way and luckily it ended up being a very, very good year for us.

“I think it was a bit tough to begin with. It’s always hard to change things. But once we started doing what we wanted to do, what the Coach wanted to do, we gradually began to improve and perform better and better. Fortunately, we had a great year.”

Neymar finished third in the Ballon d’Or running and, along with Suarez, has joined Messi in a prolific front three under Luis Enrique.

“I think it’s all down to the chemistry between the three of us, both on and off the pitch, and the type of people that we are too,” Messi said when asked about the trident.

“We all want the best for the team, for the squad. That’s more important than anything else.

“The fact is that I get on very well with Neymar. He’s said nice things about me ever since he arrived at the club. It makes me feel very happy to hear a friend and a colleague talk like that.

“It’s difficult to compare [Suarez] to all the ones I’ve played alongside. There have been so many. What I can say is that he’s the best out-and-out forward there is in the game today.

“He has so much to offer the team and it’s a pleasure to play alongside him. We also have a very good relationship off the pitch and I’m very happy to be sharing everything with him.”

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