Enrique: Talk on the pitch

Luis Enrique advised his Barcelona players to do their talking on the pitch and not get drawn into a scuffle with Espanyol again.

The Copa del Rey first leg between the sides was marred by post-match antics in the tunnel, with Luis Suarez banned from the return as a result, though Enrique defended his players.

“We’ve talked about everything with them. There was an exchange of views [after the last match] and it wasn’t anything strange that I haven’t seen as a player or a Coach,” he insisted, AS reports.

“Prudence, tranquillity and do your talking on the pitch.

“Meeting with [Constantin Galca?] The Coaches met last year. If that helps prevent an outbreak of tension, perfect. But I don’t know that it will. In the end, everyone is going to defend their people.”

Enrique was asked about the game itself and, as well as confirming he doesn’t see the need to rest Gerard Pique, stressed Barca were approaching the match with focus even though they lead 4-1.

“I don’t know what will happen in football, so I approach the game as always. Our idea is clear, to play to our maximum level and impose our game,” Enrique continued.

“Then from there it’s different as every opponent reacts one way or another.

“This time Espanyol will push further up because [they’re trailing 4-1]. We’ll see if we can counter them.”

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