Alves clarifies media criticism

Dani Alves has clarified that only “certain sections of the media are rubbish” following Barcelona's 4-0 victory over Granada on Saturday.

The right-back launched a profanity-fuelled attack on the Press in response to their coverage of the Copa del Rey last-16 first leg against Espanyol, which saw Luis Suarez banned for two games as a result of his alleged provocations in the tunnel.

The Association of Spanish Press promptly threatened legal action on Alves, but he insists he was only referring to a select group of journalists, namely those “who don't contribute anything to football”.

“I only speak for my profession, I don't know about the others,” he said after the game.

“I think that football is taking a path it shouldn't be.

“If we want football to remain a beautiful sport, we must reflect on certain types of information [being reported].

“What happened in the derbies was the fault of the Press.

“They're taking football to a place it shouldn't be, and that concerns me.

“Certain sections of the media are rubbish because they don't contribute anything to football.

“My message was directed to those who have since defended themselves.

“We're in a delicate profession and it's important that the Press don't or speak of many controversies.”

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