‘Betis to go back to basics’

Pepe Mel has made it clear that he will go “back to basics” for Real Betis' encounter with relegation rivals Getafe in La Liga on Saturday.

Speculation is mounting that the trip to Coliseum Alfonso Perez will be the Coach's last if he fails to register a victory, the Andalucians having lost their last three games on the bounce and not won any of their last seven, but he maintains he still feels the faith of his superiors.

“We must reset ourselves,” he said t at a Press conference.

“I'm going to take things back to basics and play the lads who have worked for me.

“You become uncomfortable when the football world is talking about you for all the bad things you've done as a Coach, more so as it's happened at the club I didn't want it to.

“One easily goes from hero to villain at the same club. It's been a difficult season, but I'm sure we'll survive.

“[The board and I] are both thinking about the market. We believe it's urgent because it's January 8 and we have to pick things up.

“The President and board do not have to transmit trust to me. The best trust is when they speak to you about the future.

“Coaches always have finals. Of course, it's very important to stop our negative run of results and feelings.

“Still, we're talking about a final when Betis are five points above their target.

“It's funny. I won't say it's unfair. I understand [talk of a final] because the team aren't working as we'd all like.

“The team need to improve in all aspects and I need to connect with the players more, so they can take that step.

“Then there are things we have to polish, in terms of the players. It's very difficult to work with 29 players.

“It hurts to know I failed to connect with a lot of fans. The fans pay their money and don't like what they're seeing at the moment, and that's normal.

“I have confidence in my way of working, but above all, I have confidence in my players, and now I have to transform that confidence onto the pitch so the fans can be confident too.

“What I want is for us to win at Getafe and Betis to play in La Liga for another season on May 26.

“I understand it's difficult to leave six or seven players out, but I also understand the people who are working [on transfers] aren't lying in a bed of roses.

“The team have not been playing well or winning games, and that connection we had has been lost.

“Still, there's no past tense in football.”

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