Krychowiak aware of Arsenal links

Sevilla midfielder Grzegorz Krychowiak admits he has “heard” about Arsenal's reported interest but is trusting his agent to manage his future accordingly.

The Poland international appeared to pledge his loyalty to Los Nervionses when he extended his contract in November, but reports linking him with the Gunners have resurfaced in time for the January transfer window.

“The Premier League? Some say it’s the best in the world, other people think that’s La Liga,” he told FourFourTwo.

“I've heard about Arsenal, but I leave it to my agent. I trust him and he's the one who deals with that kind of the stuff.

“I can’t think about things like that. I have to keep my mind free of any distraction and just focus on doing my job for Sevilla.”

Krychowiak then explained how “the great opportunities” offered to him by Sevilla allowed him to become a “much better player” as he outlined his objectives for 2016.

“I've learned a lot and became a much better player after joining Sevilla. It offered great opportunities to grow as a player,” he added.

“I knew I was already good in typical defensive aspects of the game – aggressive play, pressing, dispossessing other players.

“I had to work on my technical skills to keep up with my team-mates and adjust to their level, though.

“I put a lot of hard work in to improve in that sense. I've learned to think what I want to do with the ball and how I want to pass before I even collect it.

“When you play against teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona, you don’t have any room for error – your passing game has to be crisp and direct.

“Every turnover creates an immediate danger of conceding a goal.

“2015 was a perfect year. We've set up specific goals as a team and achieved all of them.

“I wanted to win the Europa League and qualify for the Champions League with Sevilla, and secure a spot in Euro 2016 with Poland. We've done all that. It’s a 100 percent success ratio.

“Now we want to accomplish the exact same goals in Spain and to have a good run in France.

“I don’t set individual goals, because it’s a team game. When the team plays good football and wins a lot of games, each player benefits from that.

“I definitely want to be a better player, but it will only happen when the team does well.”

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