‘Violent? There was no blood…’

Pape Diop denied charges Espanyol took a ‘violent’ approach against Barcelona in their Copa del Rey fixture. ‘You can’t say that…I didn’t see any blood.’

Diop was one of two Espanyol players dismissed in the 4-1 defeat while there were reports of the tensions continuing in the tunnel, with Luis Suarez reported by the referee for sparking a confrontation.

“You can’t say we were violent. I didn’t see any blood. If we’d wanted, Barca would be on stretchers,” Diop, dismissed for allegedly insulting Suarez, said on Cadena Ser, Mundo Deportivo reports.

“We were both insulting. He swore at me, I swore at him. The referee said he didn’t hear both of us, only me. We insulted each other? Of course, yes. We both did it.

“They have been saying all week that we are violent and it has taken effect. They’re very good players and if we can’t even touch them, they can do what they want.”

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