Jemez: Sorry to my players

Paco Jemez apologised to his players for criticising them following the draw with Real Sociedad in light of their Atletico Madrid display.

Jemez complained his squad weren’t competitive with the rest of La Liga after the 2-2 with La Real but after a 1-1 draw with Atleti in the Copa del Rey, was happy to set the record straight.

“The other day I said a lot, that we weren’t a Primera team. I have to say the opposite. I have to apologise to my players,” Marca quotes the Coach as saying.

“They’re aren’t Primera players but Champions League. They’ve competed with a Champions League team. Hopefully it’s not just one day but it happens against Levante too.

“We did everything. I’m very happy because the team has shown it can compete with anyone.

“The result isn’t something to brag about. The tie’s open. It’s possibly better for Atletico but we’re not going to change how we interpret the return leg.

“Without going crazy we have to go and find the goal that allows us to give Atleti a scare.”

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