Galca: Espanyol have to try

Constantin Galca acknowledged Espanyol face a difficult task in overturning their 4-1 Copa del Rey deficit to Barcelona.

Espanyol took the lead at Camp Nou but conceded four and had two players sent off in a game of bad temper, the row reportedly continuing in the tunnel after the final whistle, Espanyol players later accusing the Press of causing controversy about their style pre-match.

“Was the referee conditioned by the controversy? Ask him, I can’t comment. I won’t get into that,” Mundo Deportivo quotes Galca as saying.

“The referee decides and he is the boss and I don’t want to comment any further. Ask him, because he knows why he has made these decisions.”

Galca spoke a little more about the 90 minutes, as well as looking ahead to the return at Cornella-El Prat.

“I am very disappointed, yes, that’s true, because the team started the game well. But Barca went in front and we knew what would happen in the end,” he went on.

“We have to try [in the second leg], of course, but we know it will be very difficult with this result against the reality.

“We were forced into changes and I noticed a lot about the team’s performance. With [the players forced off injured] on the pitch, the match was different, certainly.”

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