James involved in police chase

James Rodriguez was involved in a police chase on Friday after he was clocked leading officers to Real Madrid’s Valdebebas training complex at over 200km/h.

The Spanish Press cite confirmations from police sources that two officers in an unmarked vehicle chased James under the Public Safety Act for a “serious breach of disobedience”, the extent of which will be determined by the capital’s government office.

The National Police will also notify the court and prosecutors to decide whether there are grounds that the midfielder committed a crime against road safety.

According to the same sources, the player’s Audi R8 was detected overtaking a car down the left lane of the M40 ring road at around 16:45 GMT on Friday.

The officers then activated the sirens and lights in their car and thus began the chase, which exceeded 200 km/h, twice the road’s speed limit.

The chase lasted over six kilometres and roughly 15 minutes, before it ended at Ciudad Real Madrid in Valdebebas, where contact was made with the site’s head of security.

In a police report on the incident, James argued that he was late for training and did not notice the officers behind him due to loud music being played.

Police then cautioned him but did not arrest him for both his reasoning and status as a public figure.

Karim Benzema recently appeared in court after he was detected travelling at an excessive speed by a radar, resulting in the temporary withdrawal of his driving licence.

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