Ronaldo: I can’t please everyone

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has conceded that “not even God can please everyone” but warns “I was made to be the best”.

Despite cutting a frustrated figure this season, the Portuguese has scored 25 goals in all competitions, and he came to terms with his imperfections but argued they helped him reach the peak of his powers.

“Everyone can think what they want [about me],” he told El Mundo.

“I go to bed every night with a very clear conscience and sleep well.

“We can’t live life obsessed by what others think of us, otherwise we wouldn’t live. Not even God can please everyone.

“[My actions on the pitch] come out naturally, they’re not planned.

“I do them because I don’t like to lose, but sometimes I regret them

“Everything I’ve achieved in football has been because of the way I am.

“I can’t be asked to change. If you ask me to improve, I’ll accept that, but changing is very difficult.

“Some people love me, some people hate me and say I’m either arrogant, conceited or this or that.

“It’s part of my success. I was made to be the best.”

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