Enrique: Refs are only human

Luis Enrique has insisted that refereeing errors are “part of the game” after Barcelona’s 4-0 victory over Real Betis in La Liga on Wednesday.

La Blaugrana profited on a contentious penalty award as Antonio Adan appeared to have won the ball fairly, despite his follow-through on Lionel Messi, before Neymar was seemingly guilty of encroachment, having slipped when taking the penalty, but the Coach was in no mood to discuss the decision.

“We had to work very hard from the outset,” he said after the game.

“It wasn’t smooth, neither did we create many chances, and it’s a credit to the intensity with which Betis defended.

“We weren’t fluid and found it difficult, but we feel like we played in line with recent games.

“[On refereeing errors], referees can go for or against you. I won’t cut my veins about this [issue].

“It’s part of the game. It’s very difficult to judge because we do in training.

“All teams and referees are prone to mistakes. I won’t spend my energy on something I can’t control.

“Am I complaining [about the referees]? No. Ask those complain. We’re all wrong, the first being the Coaches.

“If [technology] will improve [our game] then of course [I approve of it]. If it helps [the officials] then even better.

“I congratulate the players and fans [for the past year].

“We have a team who entertain and play well. The objective is to win everything again. There can be no other.

“I give [2015] a nine [out of 10]. Everything can be improved on.

“As a player, I gave everything and it always ended with satisfaction.

“Now it’s up to the players to win the trophies [on offer], but I feel proud.

“2015 is now history and I dont care about anything [other than next year].

“I didn’t hear or see anything [about Pepe Mel’s dismissal], but I was surprised to learn of it.”

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