Villar: An intense year

Spanish Football Federation President Angel Maria Villar has reflected on an ‘intense’ year that leaves him more influential in both FIFA and UEFA.

The eight-year suspensions given to FIFA President Sepp Blatter and UEFA counterpart Michel Platini mean Villar is high ranking in both organisations, which each lack a figurehead.

“This year Spanish football has through me been chosen for positions at FIFA and UEFA. Today we have a first Vice-Presidency of UEFA and a second, now first, at FIFA,” he pointed out, Marca reports.

“I have had to exercise the functions of the Presidents because they’re not able to but I’m not FIFA President, nor am I UEFA President.

“The year has been very intense. There were some misunderstandings towards the RFEF, with the crisis to overcome we must look to the future.

“The past is the past. Nobody except a superior being does anything perfect. We all make mistakes.”

Villar also considered Spain’s lot on the pitch, with Euro 2016 and a potential third-straight European Championship to be won.

“I wish that in 2016, if we play well and are lucky enough to be champions, we can retain the title of champions of Europe in France,” he added.

“I hope for that with all my heart but it won’t be easy.”

It has also been a successful year for Spain’s clubs, with Barcelona winning the Champions League among their treble and Sevilla retaining the Europa League, a point made by Villar.

“How many national federations would like to have the success Spanish football has achieved on the pitch? How many by the end of the year have this success? Very few or none,” he continued.

“Behind it is the extraordinary work of many people that make our teams and our clubs successful.”

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