Perez: Madrid a symbol of Spain

Florentino Perez boasted Real Madrid were a “symbol” and represented the “image” of Spain at Christmas dinner with the country’s media.

Despite banning the Press from travelling with Rafa Benitez’s men on matchdays, the President praised them for playing an essential role in delivering news about the club to their masses of fans around the world.

“Real Madrid is a symbol of our country and its most beloved [club],” he said at his annual Christmas dinner in front of the media.

“For many people, the image of Spain is Real Madrid. This is all a huge responsibility and we have an obligation to care, be exemplary and transparent and continue feeding the myth and the legend of Real Madrid.

“The job of the Press is essential for Madrid to represent so many millions of fans, and this means a lot of responsibility for everyone.

“I would also like to thank you for your dedication to our club and for your efforts in always reporting news on us.

“It’s essential to demonstrate what the club means to the millions of Real Madrid fans.

“I’m from a generation when the media could work freely and I’m very proud of that.

“I also know the role sports journalism has in entertainment, but I ask you not to stray from the codes necessary for a democratic society.

“We’re a club with 113 years of life and the greatest record in the history of football.

“Real Madrid are considered the most prestigious and valuable club in the world.

“We’re aware that we must be respectful of our fans, members and media, who have always accompanied us on this responsibility.”

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