Paco ‘had to console Rayo’

Paco Jemez admitted he was forced to “console” his Rayo Vallecano players after their 10-2 defeat to Real Madrid in La Liga on Sunday.

Speaking after the game, in which his side were brutally punished for two early red cards, the Coach expressed a multitude of emotions as he “felt sorry” for his players on one hand but criticised them for their involvement in a match which “should not happen in the best League in the world” on the other.

“It’s been a long time since I saw something so grotesque and shameful as what I did today,” he said.

“We lost everything, plus a lot of credibility. We feel downtrodden and humiliated and what happened hurts us all.

“When you see guys built like castles in the dressing room crying, you feel sorry for them.

“There was little to explain, I could only console them. The damage will be felt for the whole week.

“I imagine the fans of Madrid will be very happy, but this should not happen in the best League in the world, neither here nor anywhere.

“I found the game strange at times. I thought it was a dream, but it wasn’t. It was real.

“Something very rare happened, and I’m not talking about the referee, I'm talking about the circumstances.

“I enjoyed the first few minutes of my team. The match would’ve been great and competitive if it was 11 v 11, but that was taken away from us.

“It became a murder and things got really ugly.

“Tito’s red card was just an incident in the game and I have nothing to blame him for.

“It was an event in the game, which in this case has hurt us.

“Merry Christmas to everyone, including the referee.”

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